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The Body and Mind (Brain) are subject to constant change. The knowledge society of the new millennium places high demands on our cognitive and mental abilities, as well as on our health due to the constant load of the media. Anyone who had poor experience with traditional medicine, of course, has  already been looking for alternatives. And there are some! We are especially passionate about traditional medicine, awareness of our body and sharpening of our senses. Because these are skills that give each person an advantage in the quality of life and influence and on which almost everyone can work as on themselves. The topic of “hereditary medicine” is still very alien to many. This is a special teaching, which varies from soul homeopathy to observing the micro- and macrocosm of man. Holistic teaching - which spans generations.  Experience your new awareness of the body from within - with our range of outstanding yoga masters. Our yoga workshops are not just exercises. The thing is to feel your body again and correctly understand its signals. For your health, wakefulness, stress resistance and charisma! An extensive set of tools for mental stability and mental health is a prerequisite for personal and professional success. Psychological training as a mental trainer (BZTB) allows you to learn the necessary practices. We give you an overview of the best Providers and Trainers in the field of Mental Education.

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