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For users

Our educational MyWay platform for body strengthening, brain development, personal, creative and spiritual growth is free for individuals, i.e. for non-commercial use. 

You are always seeking new ways of self-development? 
Thebest timetostartis alwaysnow!

A healthy lifestyle, sports and relaxation are important for our well-being. But also the spiritual practice is an essential part of our personal development.

Go your way of personal development now! Whether business, self-motivation, yoga or wellness. With us, you'll find quickly the latest education courses in your city.Achieve spiritual growth. Raise your vibration. Find your energy source. With MyWay.

For providers

1. After successful registration your customers can view the list of training packages by using the search field on the main page of our website. The visitors then will be forwarded from the main page to the content pages they want.

2. Your customers will find the courses, seminars and programs they want in all regions of Germany. This gives you the unique opportunity to come to your courses and seminars in the nearest city to gain knowledge and improve your skills.

3. To ensure the flow of customers in the most popular training areas, you need to create an account in the system.

4. Access to your account and more detailed information will be available to you after registration at reasonable price.

5. Or simply promote your courses and projects by placing ads on our platform.

6. You will get a good conversion rate at an affordable price! You are only one step away from your customers.

7. If this is your first time with us, please register. Otherwise log in with your username and password.

8. By filling out the form, you agree to our terms of use and our privacy policy.

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