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What is MyWay?

MyWay connects trainers, coaches, lectures, teachers, pupils, students and innovators on one platform. On MyWay you find seminars, webinars and Round Tables. MyWay is development and self-improvement, success and correction of success, creativity and art, business theory and business practice, and so much more.

How is the platform funded?

Our educational MyWay platform is free for individuals, i.e. for non-commercial use. For educational institutions, coaches and teachers it is necessary to register and create a personal account on our platform. This way, institutions, coaches and teachers can competently and effectively provide trainings, courses, seminars and other training programs, while constantly increasing their client base in their region

Is it safe to enter my details?

You can rest assured that we always work with the most modern security standards. Your data is encrypted using SSL. In our privacy policy you can read the purpose for which your data is stored and processed.

How does the address verification work?

We want to protect you and us from cyber attacks and prevent illegal activities. Therefore we check your address and ask you to confirm it. You will receive your access code via location sharing (GPS) - the easiest method is the verification via your ID card or by email. If your address isnot verified, we are forced to delete your account.

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