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The theme of “esotericism” is still very alien to many. This is a special and at the same time Mysterious Teaching, which varies from homeopathy of the soul to observing the human micro- and macrocosm. Originally it was a philosophical doctrine, the content of which should be understood in accordance with Spirituality and Mysticism in order to try to clearly understand that which cannot be clearly understood. This term is most often used in connection with healing, wisdom and self-knowledge. Despite the fact that it is considered very prophetic and dark, esotericism has been practiced for thousands of years and combines a lot of knowledge about the interaction of secret teachings. The most famous are astrology, fortune telling / clairvoyance, spiritual counseling, Tarot cards, spiritual healing, life counseling, numerology and the creation of horoscopes. To experience the meaning of karma and rebirth, to recognize death as part of life, and also to be able to responsibly treat life and nature and consciously ripen inwardly, is of great importance in Spiritual Life.

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